Top Bike Friendly Cities

Want to take your gravel bike out for a spin?

It can become boring to take it around the same place. Instead, it’s time to look at the best bike friendly cities and what makes them such a wonderful destination when it comes to overall quality.

Here are the leading bike friendly cities.


Noted as one of France’s most interesting cities, it’s also a tremendous biking paradise. It offers a beautiful selection of routes for those looking to make the most of their trip through the French-centric paths in this region. One of the reasons it does so well has to do with the urban cycling network in this area. It’s immaculate and well-organized making it easier to have a good time without having to waste time on finding the best place to bike.

With a number of new riders traveling through the area, it becomes a wonderful option for those who want to enjoy everything Strasbourg has to offer.

It’s also well-regarded for its impressive cycling setup including the popular Velostras cycle highways, which interconnect with the nearby suburbs for a more wholesome experience.


When it comes to bike friendly cities, it’s always smart to put Oslo on the list.

This is a Norwegian city with quite an emphasis on biking quality. It is always found on biking lists because of its impressive list of routes and beautiful terrains. Whether it’s the hilly countryside or the remarkable snowy paths, there’s a delightful presence associated with this city that’s impossible to ignore.

To make the city more enticing, the local government has taken the time to create proper biking paths throughout the downtown area. This makes it easier to move around without having to worry about pedestrians or cars.


This is the most popular city in France and it’s also a remarkable area when it comes to biking. As the weather improves during the summer, it’s always fun to go through the vast network of bike lanes from one end of Paris to the other. It has a number of listed cycling tracks along with protected facilities to make it a tremendous destination for biking enthusiasts. Go to one of these facilities and enjoy the experience with hundreds of other bikers.


Biking is all about enjoying a gorgeous city, beautiful weather, and your gravel bike. If that is the goal then this Finnish capital has to be on the list of destinations to visit.

The reason for Helsinki being such an intriguing option has to do with the bicycle routes on show throughout the area. This includes a 15% increase in the number of routes in the area since the early 2000s. This demonstrates what direction the city is going in. It has added approximately 800 miles of routes with more on the way! This is all about making the area bicycle-friendly and a tourist destination for enthusiasts.


Bremen is one of the premier biking cities in the heart of Germany and has an impressive network of cycling tracks. This includes setting up specific districts where all of the tracks are interconnected making it easier to move around without being stopped. This is what makes it such a valuable destination city for biking enthusiasts. Take the time to visit this city and enjoy the gorgeous tracks. It can make the experience even better while soaking in everything the area has to offer.


When it comes to European cities, Barcelona is wonderful for a number of reasons including biking. Due to their emphasis on urban mobility, there’s been a complete shift towards building out a comprehensive cycling network. This includes setting up projects throughout Barcelona to make it easier for cyclists to roam around while enjoying the setting. This includes 190+ miles of cycling paths.

Top 10 Bike Friendly Cities - Infographic


Germany is known for being efficient and practical when it comes to its urban planning. The same applies to its cycling network as the city continues to plan ahead for what the area demands. Cyclists enjoy the added mobility throughout Berlin and this has to do with a government endeavor to make it possible. The city aims to become one of the top destinations for cyclists.


When it comes to Canada, Vancouver is one of the most gorgeous tourist destinations in the nation. It’s also home to one of the more intriguing sets of bike paths and routes from one end to the other. This Pacific city is enjoyable for a number of reasons and it has a lot to do with an emphasis on becoming bike friendly. This includes creating a comprehensive bike network to help deliver a more seamless experience for those traveling on their bikes.

It’s noted as a top-tier bike city because of the unique paths, safe routes, and overall commitment to quality. It makes it a no-brainer for a list of top cycling-friendly cities.


Tokyo has always impressed cyclists because of its infrastructure and overall attention to detail. There aren’t too many cities that provide this much attention to their bicycle network but that’s where Tokyo stands out the most. It’s a metropolis with millions of people riding around on bikes and that’s what makes it such a wonderful area to enjoy biking.

Whether it’s alongside the train station or up in the hilly areas, there’s always a route on offer for cyclists to make the most of.


Vienna has always impressed tourists as a premier city. It’s also one of those eye-catching areas for cyclists to enjoy too. The reason has to do with the ongoing expansions seen across the area for building a network of cycling paths. Everything is designed to be interconnected making it easier to move around while enjoying each end of the region. This is something that continues to grow and has already reached a truly remarkable stage.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most beautiful bike friendly cities on the planet.

Grab your gravel bike and enjoy what these scenic destinations have to offer. I highly recommended you book a few weeks at these locations to make the most of them.