GravelWays.com isn’t just another gravel bike website, we love gravel bikes, we love everything about them. We want to share our passion about this exciting new breed of bike.

For us gravel bikes are the ultimate utility bike.

We grew up in the 80’s and 90’s where the 80’s was dominated by the BMX, the real ‘go anywhere’ bike. Before too long we had a new king ‘The Mountain Bike’, which in my eyes was the king of the bikes until now. After that things got a bit muddy (pun intended).

Fast forward to now(ish) and we have this new breed of bike. It has all the best parts of a fast, smooth high speed road bike mixed with all the best parts of a rough and tough mountain bike. Sounds like the perfect combination to me!

We are getting the word out about Gravel Bikes and we hope you will do the same by reading and sharing our articles on social media.

If you are new to gravel/adventure bikes then we highly recommend you check out our Getting Started with Gravel Bikes Guide. We take you from the history of the gravel bike all the way to how to buy and how to ride your gravel bike.

While gravel bikes are a bit ‘niche’ at the moment we really believe that they will be the go-to bike for the average rider that wants:

  • A road bike
  • A commuter bike
  • A touring bike
  • And, an adventure bike

The gravel bike really is all of these things in one bike!

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